The Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit

How To Start a Profitable Cannabis Club in Just 6 Months… Even if You Have No Experience and No Extra Time!

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Note - in the video above I reference bonuses that were only going to be offered for the November 2021 cohort. But the class went so well, I've added those bonuses in again for all classes!

According to the Pew Research Centre, nearly 60% of Americans join some type of community group or organization. Those rates are even higher among the roughly seven in ten Americans who say it is important to belong to a community that shares their values.

If you're already a Certified Cannabis Educator, Coach, Nurse, or Budtender, you might be thinking that it's time to start creating a local community of like-minded souls. It should be really easy. Put up a Facebook event and create some posters and you’re golden. After all, “if you build it, they will come," right?

The problem? It just doesn’t work like that. If you want to create a thriving, well-educated canna-community that also pays the bills, it is an incredible amount of work. Beyond advertising, there is registration, payment, and tracking required.

And we haven’t even talked about the workshops. It is extremely taxing to find the time and energy to create excellent content that keeps them coming back for more each month.

Ask me how I know. Almost four years ago I started running Cannabis Clubs for an international organization. It was going to be amazing. They provided a lot of support including ticketing, registration, content ideas, and more.

But... when I got the payout afterward, my cut of the proceeds was so tiny. It took me a while to realize that no matter how hard I worked, I was only going to see a fraction of the profit.

Why was I doing all this work for so little reward?

So, almost 3 years ago while taking a medicated walk with my dog, I decided that to truly be my own boss, I’d have to start my OWN Cannabis Club from the ground up. That’s just what I did and the results have been nothing less than stunning.

I would highly recommend it. And whether you want to do a club or not, the workshop presentations that are provided (to make your own and use) are worth every penny. I put my first public presentation together in no time using the slides we received in the Toolkit. If you are on the fence,just jump in now!!

JB - Current Toolkit Student

At the first meeting of the Parkhill Women's Cannabis Club, I had 15 ladies in a circle, puffing and giggling and learning about the powers of the plant. Now there are 25-50 members at each meeting, a total Club Membership of about 500 and $4,500 in the bank. And this is all from a town of 1,500 people in what’s been called, “Beer and Barbeque Country!”

The Club has garnered local media attention and has attracted dozens of women who had never even considered cannabis before but are now living with less pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and more. Their stories are breathtaking. And, I’m just getting started.

Imagine if you could do the same.

  • Make an impact on the health and wellness of people in your own backyard
  • Introduce new consumers to the power of the plant
  • Help your friends, neighbours, and others to overcome what ails them
  • Create a community of cannabis-loving folks who are ready to make a change in the world
  • And… make an impressive income while doing it.

"Can I just say as I go through the material for the Ulitmate Cannabis Club Toolkit that this information is absolute GOLD!!! Thanks so much"

- Shannon, Current Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit Student

Within two months of starting the Club, I had cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world asking me how they could get something like this up and running in their community. And that’s when I decided to create a Toolkit to help other Cannabis Educators make an impact and an income by spreading the love of the plant.

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The Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit

Everything a Busy Cannabis Coach, Educator, Nurse or Budtender Needs to Create a Profitable Cannabis Club in Just 6 Months (or Less!)
You Will Come Away With:
  • 14 Done-For-You Cannabis Workshops including slide decks, handouts and checklists
    • (Never struggle to know what to talk about or where to get quality information.)
  • All the Fully Customizable Marketing Materials you’ll need
    • (Spend your time doing what’s important instead!)
  • 6 Months of Support and Accountability with Andrea
    • (Don’t just think about it. Get the kick-in-the-butt you need to actually achieve your goals!)
So much more!
Why? So you can build a community of like-minded, cannabis-loving people and make money doing it, WITHOUT all the hassle. Just show up, teach, reap the rewards and enjoy!

"I’m just digging into the templates and goodies..... OMG!!! This is amazing!! Andrea, I really can't imagine how much time, energy, and creativity you’ve put into this! Literally, I could pee my pants in excitement! I was about to create this all and now I don’t have to. I’m crushing on you.

Terese, current Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit student

Your Instructor

Andrea J Meharg
Andrea J Meharg

About 5 years ago, Andrea was a busy mom of two young boys, a wife, and a full-time elementary school teacher. Like many moms her age, she was burnt out, on anti-depressants, and just trying to make it through each week. But in October, she couldn't keep up the charade anymore and she fell into a deep depression that NOTHING would alleviate. After months of trying medication, therapy, exercise, meditation, and more, her mom (!) gave her a baggie of cannabis in hopes that it would help, and it did. Cannabis changed everything for Andrea. Since then she trained to be a certified Cannabis Coach and is now also the Head Science Educator at the Cannabis Coaching Institute. Through her work, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people use cannabis for better health and wellness. And now she's on a mission to change communities, one Cannabis Club at a time. Find her at www

This toolkit is/has been the most useful for a technically challenged person like myself. Worth every cent this ToolKit is, and more. Invest in yourself and your cannabis business. Go For the Gold!

- EM - Current Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit Student

What’s Inside the Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit?

All the Workshop Materials You’ll Need for More than A Year (Value - $2497)

  • 14 Done-for-you workshops including all the information, handouts, and supplies necessary to run them seamlessly.
  • Topics include Cannabis 101, DIY Cannabis Edibles, Cannabis for Weight Loss and Exercise, Cannabis for Seniors, Saving Money on Cannabis, How to Choose the Right Cannabis for You, and even Cannabis for Sex!

All Your Marketing Materials for the Year (Value - $997)

  • Pre-made (but editable) flyers, Facebook event page covers, email sequences, and other marketing materials. Literally everything you'll need. Just slap on your logo and get going!

Show Me The Money Mini-Workshop (Value $97)

  • Why Creating your own Cannabis Club is More Profitable and Rewarding than Joining an Existing Organization.

The Little Things Masterclass (Value $297)

  • It's all the LITTLE THINGS that hang you up as a new Club Leader. Avoid all my mistakes. Learn all the things you should NOT do when starting your club (and what to do instead!)

Editable Checklists (Value $97)

  • Never forget a thing. Get handy, editable checklists so you never show up for a Club Meeting without something important. (Ask me how I know!)

BONUS How to Run your Club online. (Value $497)

This class will give you all the best tips and tricks for running your Club Online. It's a great way to expand your reach, especially if you're tech-savvy.

BONUS: The Cannabis Club Club (Value $1,297)

  • Six Monthly Accountability and Support Group calls. Get 6 calls with Andrea and your fellow Club Leaders where you’ll get the nudge you need to keep moving and all the advice Andrea can give.

BONUS: An online Slack community of fellow Club Leaders. (Value $297)

  • Learn from your fellow Club leaders around the world. We’ll share everyone's best tips and secrets to successful, profitable Clubs.

BONUS: How To Run a Yearly Membership Masterclass (Value $297)

  • Increase your impact and your income by launching a Yearly Membership offer in your club. I’ll give you all the tips and tools you need to make it a success from month one.

BONUS: Quick Tech Tutorials (Value $97)

  • Don’t let a fear of not knowing tech stop you from fulfilling your mission. You'll get short video tutorials on all the tools you'll need.

Your Investment is ONLY $497

Don’t whip out your calculator, I’ll do the math for you.

That’s a $5973 value for under 500 bucks.

Your Investment: $497

We're having our fourth club meeting this Sunday. The one about tinctures and sugar! It's so fun! Thank you so much for creating this Toolkit!

- Shoshana - Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit participant

There is NOTHING Out There Like This

There is no other program in the world that will prepare you for making an impact and an income like the Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit. Why? Because you’re learning from an excellent teacher with almost 20 years of experience. I know how to break everything down, step-by-step so that building your Club is both easy and fun. Plus, I’ve done it myself from a little town in rural Ontario. I’ve been through the trials and tribulations and I’m offering you a HUGE shortcut to success. I am truly invested in helping you make your dreams a reality.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and take this fantastic course! You will learn so much and Andrea has seriously done ALL the prep work for you. I mean, ALL OF IT! If you can copy and paste, you are read. It's amazing!

- Kirstie - current Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit student

I've already learned so much from this group. I can't wait to learn more. I love the fact that fingers are not pointed and we can feel like ourselves with like-minded ladies.

Laura - current Parkhill Women's Cannabis Club Member

Course Curriculum

  4. How To Run a Yearly Membership Masterclass
Available in days
days after you enroll
  5. Quick Tech Tutorials
Available in days
days after you enroll

Take a look at just a few of our success stories from current Cannabis Club members...

  • Lisa now has her driver’s license back. She lost it when she was suffering from seizures but after taking CBD she’s now cruising all over town.
  • Kim can’t believe that just a small dose of cannabis in her morning tea allows her to relax enough to almost enjoy full-time parenting in a pandemic.
  • Kait’s incredibly conservative father texted her a picture of his dispensary haul. He’s been using cannabis to help him get the best sleep of his life thanks to what she’s taught him during her time in our club.
  • And Andrea’s mom is doing the same. She’s now out walking every day, pain-free because she’s using cannabis to help her arthritis.
  • Pat feels better than she has in years. She came to about 6 meetings before she even dared to try CBD. She now wakes up each day well-rested and pain-free. She’s back to volunteering at the library and she’s singing the praises of cannabis to (literally) anyone who will listen.
  • Sarah just moved to the area and was finding it difficult to make friends. Now she has her canna-gang who she can spend time with and depend upon.

All of these waves of healing and happiness from one Club meeting a month. Imagine the possibilities in your community.

My Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit, resources or support after checking it out, I will offer you a full refund. Make the payment today. When the course launches on May 1, fully dive into the material and experience the vibe of the Cannabis Club Toolkit to make sure it's right for you. If you're not happy with it, I'll refund your purchase.

This Offer Won’t Be Around Forever...
The time has NEVER been better for this sort of Club. Act now and you can start earning money after hosting just ONE meeting PLUS get the Group Calls and Slack community for help, advice and accountability.

Your Investment: $497

Although I was slightly reticent to join the club, I decided to just go to the first workshop. I was incredibly impressed with Andrea - her knowledge was inspiring. She was able to lead this group of seemingly dissimilar woman into a warm and cohesive family. I became a yearly member immediately after the workshop. This experience has been wonderful. I’ve learned so much and felt beautifully supported throughout the process. Highly recommend it!

Marian - current Parkhill Women'sCannabis Club member

Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly Can I Start Earning Money?
Immediately. As soon as you host your first event you should have money in the bank. The club is fairly low-cost to run and all the marketing materials can be used digitally, so there’s no need to even print anything.
How Much Can I Earn?
A lot. There are many factors that will affect how much you can earn in the first 6-months of your Club but I’ll use myself as an example. Within a one-year span of time, the Club I run in my small town of 1,500 people in rural Ontario made over $4,500! The possibilities are really endless and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
What is the time investment required?
Just like anything, when you’re first starting out, things will take more time. However, you’ll have a well-organized toolkit that has everything you need to make already done for you. Once you’re in a groove, you can expect to spend about 1-3 hours on promotion and preparation each month.
What happens if I have questions or need advice?
Great! I love questions. You’ll have access to a private, online group and 6 monthly group calls so you can get all your queries answered quickly. It’s actually one of the most valuable parts of the Toolkit, with all the support from Andrea and your fellow students.
I am NOT super tech-savvy. Will this work for me?
Yup. I’ve done almost all the work for you. You’ll just need to add your logo and get teaching! If you’re not familiar with Google Docs, Canva, Meetup etc., there are short, to-the-point tech tutorial videos included for each platform.
Why don’t I just join one of the other organizations?
I'm giving you the opportunity to be your own boss and to run the Club the way that you see fit. If you look closely at some of the other players in the space, you'll find that their core mission might be further away from empowering people to have better health and wellness and closer to selling sponsorships and promoting brands than you’re comfortable with.
Will you be releasing updates in the future?
Indeed. As the Toolkit grows and evolves, you’ll have lifetime access to all upgrades and improvements.
Is all the content available immediately?
Yes! You’ll have access to all the videos, slide decks, handouts, checklists and workshops as soon as you register!
Can I share the class with a friend?
No. I’ve been working on this class for two years and it’s worth every penny you (and your friends) spend. Thank you for your support.
What if I don’t love it?
I’m really sure you will. But if you don't, you'll have to let me know right away. Due to the digital nature of this content, I only provide refunds within 24 hours of access.
When does the class start and end?
Class starts right now! Join today and you'll be up and running in months. You have 6 months of support in our online community and on Q and A calls from your date of purchase.
I'm not a Cannabis Coach or Educator, can I join?
I'm so glad you asked. While I'd never want to say no, I need to make it REALLY clear that I'm NOT teaching you about all the topics of the workshops. I'm providing the workshop materials and you must be able to deliver them yourself. If you're not comfortable answering questions about the workshop topics, this probably isn't a good fit for you, yet. If becoming a certified Cannabis Educator interests you, please email me at [email protected] and I can hook you up with a sweet discount to the Cannabis Coaching Institute's certified Cannabis Educator Program.
Do you offer any sort of scholarship?
Yes! I have a limited amount of BIPOC partial scholarships available. Please email me at [email protected] to get an application.

I wanted to share my exciting news. I just wrapped up my first online Cannabis Club workshop! I did Cannabis 101 and it went so well with so many good questions and conversations. Looking forward to getting next month's Club meeting already!

- Lydia - current Ultimate Cannabis Club Toolkit participant

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I joined the Parkhill Women's Cannabis Club and have and benefitted from the educational material and the workshops, but the biggest benefit comes from being part of a great group of like-minded women! -

Kim - current Parkhill Women's Cannabis Club member

Are you ready to make an impact and an income with your OWN Cannabis Club?

Listen, you know how life-changing cannabis can be and I know you want to spread that love around your community. But you also know how time-consuming and stress-inducing creating workshops, handouts and marketing materials can be. Let me do all the grunt work for you so you can just bask in the glory of changing the world, one cannabis plant and one Club meeting at a time. The opportunity to take this training with this amount of support at this price will be gone forever soon. So join me and your fellow Club leaders today.

See you on the flipside,

I started out as a mom battling depression/anxiety. Now I am a working professional dealing with day-to-day stresses. This group has been a rock for me as I navigate life's roller coaster. It is amazing to have a group of ladies that bring no judgment and are there to lift each other up. I've made some amazing friends since joining. It's more than just a bunch of women sitting around smoking weed....although we can do that too :) -

- Andrea - current Parkhill Women's Cannabis Club member

Get started now!